Eco Events

Garden-wedding-settingNot only do we create beautiful events,
we try to do our part to keep the world beautiful.

Wedding & Event Management Services specialises in cutting edge innovative wedding and event planning for clients who want to express their commitment to the environment.
Having a celebration while leaving a small footprint is the newest way to show that you care for the planet, and every small step is a positive step.

The benefits of hosting a “green” event include:

  • Reducing the negative impact on our environment
  • Demonstrating that you care about our planet and want others to do the same
  • Making a difference for future generations.

Whether you want to incorporate local wines, serve a seasonal organic menu, limit the food miles or send out gorgeous recycled invitations, we guarantee that you will be fabulously eco-chic. We can also reduce the overall negative environmental impact of your event by selecting the right size venue and location, working to minimise and recycle waste, localising production and services or selecting environmentally conscious suppliers.

‘Greening’ a wedding or event is a step forward for the planet, one tiny step at a time………

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