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littlebirdielogoProfessional in the Spotlight- Melissa Horton from A Little Birdie Design Studio

My love of invitations has me super excited to introduce to you our next Professional in the spotlight interview with Melissa Horton from A Little Birdie Design Studio. Melissa is always bringing something fresh and unique to her clients when it comes to stationery and invitations, and her environmental ideals are what makes her a cut above the rest. Enjoy!

How did you get started in invitations and stationery and what types of services do you offer your clients?

My career in graphic design began over 12 years ago, but it wasn’t until I moved to Sydney that I discovered my true passion – invitation design. I had the opportunity to work in an amazing store called Wills Quills, which stocked beautiful papers, calligraphy supplies & wedding invitations. That’s where my love affair with stationery design began! My own business, A Little Birdie Design Studio, was hatched when I moved back to Mount Gambier, and has just celebrated its third birthday! Wedding stationery is my focus and the majority of my clients are having eco friendly weddings, but I also have a range of baby thank you card designs and provide a design service for new businesses looking for logos and complete branding.

Before clients come to see you what do you recommend they consider for their stationery?

It does help if they have ideas or pictures of what styles they like. If they have a colour scheme or photo of where the wedding is going to be held—these are also elements that will inspire the design of the invitation. Guest numbers are very important too – they need to know how many invitations they’d like!


How far in advance should people contact you for invitations?

Invitations generally need to be sent out two months before the wedding so about six months prior to the wedding date would be the best time to start getting quotes and look at designs, with design work commencing within three to four months of the wedding day.

What are some of the most unique ideas that you have had the opportunity of creating for a wedding or special event?

There are so many! Some of my favourites include an invitation based on the design of a bride’s sari fabric. I also had a couple approach me who were getting married at an old estate that used to be a jam factory so I based their invitation design around a vintage/home made jam label. Another favourite was a secret wedding which was taking place at the groom’s 40th birthday celebration – that was a challenge as I had to make sure the invitations conveyed a feeling of importance without hinting at a wedding!



What are some of the new trends that you are seeing with invitations?

Plantable seeded paper is becoming more popular for invitations. The paper contains seeds of a lemon scented bottlebrush. Guests can plant their invitations in a pot or in the garden and have a living memento of the event.

There is also the trend of wedding websites where guests can follow the couples journey from engagement to wedding and use this to RSVP to the wedding & any other events instead of using more paper.

Explain how your business is environmentally friendly?

I solely use recycled or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper in my invitations. I prefer to use suppliers that have the same environmental ideals as I do and I use packaging for my clients which is recyclable. I also offset 3.95 tonnes of my carbon emissions through and a portion of my profits are donated to WWF Australia & Rainforest Rescue to aid in their important conservation work.

If you would like to contact Melissa and find out more information visit her website – A Little Birdie Design Studio.

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